Looking for a Part-time Diploma or Master’s Degree in HR?

Let’s face it, at some point in our lives, we did have a sense of regret for not having spent more time on our studies. Let’s not shy away from that fact. Yes, we may have been in a situation beyond our control, limiting our ability to continue studying. But when we could continue, did we?

As the world changes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, one department in EVERY COMPANY seems to constantly reinventing itself and becoming even more relevant and crucial to the continuing success of the company, the Human Resources (HR) Department. From looking after the health and well-being all employees to juggling the tons of administrative work to support Government initiatives, the HR Department never falters in its roles and responsibilities. The people who make up the HR Department will always be valuable assets to the company.

To join the HR profession, you need to have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure you are able to contribute effectively to the role and flexible enough to manage change when it happens, both for you and the people you look after. This requires industry-focused knowledge and intelligence from subject matter experts (SME). Once you get that, you will then need work experience for you to practice what you learned so that you nurture expertise over time.

Some HR practitioners started when they completed the GCE O Levels or the NITEC or Higher NITEC. Over the years, they gained expertise and are recognised accordingly by their employers. A Diploma in HR, taken on a full-time or part-time or a mixture of both basis, can help to update and enhance their knowledge on HR changes and developments. This knowledge and experience gained through lessons and exchange with other classmates, will have many positive spillovers for the company. Therefore, it is highly recommended that members in the HR department be sent on industry-related course of study like a Diploma in HR.

HR personnel who have been working for many years but not having a Master’s degree can consider a part-time program that will ease the need to take time off work. This will mean that there will NOT be a period of time with no income. In today’s economy, adult learning can be organised around an individual’s work schedule and indeed most programs have done so to capitalize on the opportunities. The trick for you is to find a Master’s program that meets your needs, flexibility and is the best value for your money.

There is always the option of overseas study if you can afford it. What I can say is that studying overseas provides you with not only the knowledge but also with an international perspective on things. The contacts you made during study could potentially also provide you with opportunities for a global network that would prove beneficial for both you and your company.

I am always open for a discussion on how I can help you with putting together a plan for your success. Planning for study should not be rushed. You need to ensure that all factors are considered so that when you start, the end is always in sight. Many have started on study programs and gave up in the midst of studying. Let’s not make that a reality for you. Let’s make sure you complete your study. A Diploma or a Master’s Degree, only you can truly feel the sense of satisfaction of having completed it.

You have seen many graduation pictures… Let it be yours next!

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