Today I begin my journey with a Vision and a set of Mission Statements

An Awakening

I am currently attending a Fast Track Digital Marketing (SG) course at the Click Academy Asia and today is the last day. As Eu Gene puts it, this course is a Buffet and not individual Main Courses and thus content touched only the surface of each individual topics did not dive into deep water. But, I must say, I have learned a lot from the past 2 days and I am I will learned a lot still on this last day.

The most crucial takeaway so far for me to to relook at this website/ blog and see if I can make it for focused and accurate. When you start marketing a product you need to know what are the 4Ps involved. Yes! 4Ps…

  1. Product. What are we selling? Are we selling aproduct or are we selling a Service. I thought long and hard on this and I realised that I do not have any products in my shop! All I have is me. I am the product. I provide a service. I need to sell me! Then I needed to consider the strategy for how I would like to sell me. Sounds wrong I guess but in many ways, really true. True to all of you as well. What is the strategy to market your products?
  2. Price. How much should I charge for my services? I don’t believe in overcharging for my services and I feel that for many looking to upgrade or upskill, the fees is already high enough. Therefore, it is important to find a balance between what you think is the fair price and common sense. We all have bills to pay. But we should not simply be focusing on profits alone. When you deal with people, there is always an element of Heart to be considered.
  3. Promotion. That is what I have been learning so much so far and today will be even more interesting. We have been learning how to engage Google in our marketing efforts and today, we will be looking at how we can tap on Facebook for our marketing efforts. But before starting a marketing campaign, I need to do some house cleaning and this article is the start of that effort, thanks to Eu Gene from the Click Academy.
  4. Place. This one I may not need to think too much about as I do not have a physical product to put on an e-commerce platform to market and sell. Then again, I am sure there are service providers that market their services on e-commerce platforms right? Hmm… Let me think about this again. If you have any advice on this, I would love to hear from you.

So, today, I added the following to me website/ blog and my journey!

Vision and Mission Statements


To be the Preferred Choice in Personalised and Collaborative Partner in Higher Education and Adult Lifelong Learning


  1. Provide consultative advice and guidance services to clients seeking Higher Education opportunities globally.
  2. Facilitate International Partnerships between Higher Education Institutes globally.
  3. Coordinate Adult Lifelong Learning opportunities for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of Human Capital and Psychology.


My promise to you is that my services will be personalised and collaborative. I only want what is best for you and will guide you to your goals and aspirations.

Your Success will be My Guiding Principle.

Thank you for reading! I welcome your thoughts and how I can be of service to you. Don’t be shy to reach out to me.


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