I learn more, I know more, I do more. My age is just a number.

I was speaking to a friend earlier on the phone today and the topic of how long we have been in our current jobs surfaced. He has been in his current job for 18 years and is actively attending a government-subsidized course to upgrade himself. But what caught me off guard was that even before he ended his current course, he is thinking of what he can take next! He asked me for advice on what he should study that would enhance his currency and contribution potential. I find this really inspiring.

I shared that I did a course in Human Resources (HR) some years back because I was thinking of a career switch. I did not have the ability to pursue a full-time course so the flexibility of a course that could be completed upon completion of a set number of modules via full-time or part-time or a combination of both, convinced me to take the plunge. In the beginning, I thought completing 13 modules was going to be difficult and long but the friends I made and lecturers I met a long the way, made it a really fun and enjoyable process. I still keep in touch with some of the people I met during the courses. They, being in HR full-time, makes it easier for me to get advice on all things HR!

What struck me throughout the 13 modules I took was the fact that HR was nothing like I thought it was; recruiting staff, job orientation, processing medical and leave applications, manage and process pay, admin and more admin. Don’t get me wrong, those are important functions of HR but I also discovered during the modules I attended that HR covers a lot more than just that. Systems, processes and procedures, the health and well-being of human emotions are all part and parcel of HR and having learned so much about all of this, gave me a much higher level of appreciation for my friends at the frontline of HR.

I told my friend that I was not be working in HR right now but the knowledge I have gained from attending the courses has made me more appreciative of my HR colleagues and I am also able to step up and contribute in areas that needed attention at the workplace. I told him that with his 18 years of knowledge in his profession, he could consider taking the HR course and consider a transition into a Trainer role in the company. He could even offer help to the HR department if there ever was a need for additional bodies to help with situations. I shared that he will become a much more valuable member of the team and I am sure leadership will appreciate his contributions to the company.

He acknowledged a course in HR could help him level up not only in knowledge but also as a valuable contributing member of his workforce. As we said our goodbyes I wished him well and to keep safe during this Covid-19 pandemic. I told him to let me know when he is ready to start his journey in HR. I will help him every step of the way.

Let me know if I can help you too.


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