You can still apply to study in the UK for September 2020!

With this great invention called “Clearing“, you can still find a spot to study in a University in the United Kingdom until 20 October 2020 if you have not applied yet or have not been offered a place earlier!

True, you may not be able to get into one of the Top Universities but let’s be honest, where you study is only half of your education in life. The other half comes from you putting what you have learnt to practice and to good use and learning from those experiences. I always find having a good Teacher is more important than where I studied.


Are you exploring and need advice?

Complimentary advice and guidance

Tuition Fees + Accommodation and other costs would already take a huge part of your budget and bank savings account! My service to you from start to arriving in the UK is FREE OF CHARGE!

Let’s connect and let’s find a suitable University for you!

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