Why should you study in Spain?

Spain has never been seen as the place to pursue higher education. Why would it be? What are famous in Spain?

  1. Football a.k.a. Spanish League!
  2. Great food and drinks
  3. Affordable cost of living
  4. A laid back atmosphere

Education? I am not sure.

But, did you know that Spain has…

A Great Educational System

Spanish Universities ranked among the top in Europe. What is amazing about their Education system is that they have a great balance between theory and practical and there is a great emphasis on internships. Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain work experience in organisations which could potentially be your future workplace upon graduation.

History is amazing so you need to experience the Country

Spain has so much history and many of the universities are located on historical sites. Can you imagine studying on the grounds of an old Monastery? Then the architecture in the country… what an amazing sight! Have you been to Barcelona? Then you better go! Gaudi’s creations are simply too amazing to write about. You need to experience it.

There are so many Fun things to do!

There are just too many sights to list and of course, the bars, paella, tapas, wine, beer and endless and affordable shopping! I remembered a trip to Barcelona. We found it hard to leave Zara. Things were really cheap! If you are bored, then travel to Paris or London! Not too far away.

Spanish is a Romantic language, learn it!

I realised that when you can speak the language, your experience because even more personal. Spanish is such a romantic language and I am sure when you could speak it, you will make many friends!

Affordable Costs of Living

This is the most important consideration other than tuition fees. Accommodation and living expenses will determine whether you live well or not. Trust me, Spain is really affordable.

Low and Affordable Tuition Fees

When I checked the fees per year for undergraduate study, I was astounded! It was about 7500 Euros per year! I let you ponder on that fact for a bit. Of course, Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy more than double that but still…. Think about it. How much can you save if you study in Spain?

Beautiful Climate

Depending on where you go in Spain you will get great weather! I suggest you look at the Eastern coast. That side of the country has the Mediterranean sea at its doorstep. Can you imagine how fresh the seafood would be? Yums!


These are certainly great reasons that you should study in Spain, but please know these are just the beginning of the many great things that you will love about studying in the country.


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