5 Benefits of Online Study via Distance Learning

The benefits of online study cannot really be beaten when it comes to earning your degree. If you are still procrastinating, then read on about the 5 benefits of studying for your university programme Online and via Distance Learning!

  1. As long as you Meet the Entry Requirements, you will be accepted. This is a simple space issue. There is no physical classroom and therefore, the class is not limited by space. There are 2 routes of entry on how you can be accepted:
  • Academic entry route – You are accepted based your academic qualifications
  • Work experience route – As long as you can show that you have the necessary relevant experience and meeting the minimum language requirement, you will be considered for acceptance.

2. Affordable Tuition Fees and Availability of a Payment Plan. Let’s be honest, most of us will not be able to pay tuition in full at the start of the course. High fees of studying for a degree is what has been stopping us from taking that first step and in some cases preventing us from completing our studies. Studying online with an instalment plan means you do not have to leave your jobs. It means you will be able to support your families and still be able to pay for study. Let’s not lie. It will be a difficult juggle. But if you are determined, you will succeed.

3. You will get Perspectives From Across The World. The great advantage of studying online is that your classmates could be coming from anywhere in the world! This presents a great learning and immersion opportunity. You will get perspectives from students from other countries and collaborate on innovative ideas and projects. The relationships you forge during the course of your study could potentially lead to many business ventures that could have a great outreach.

4. High Quality and Accredited programmes. As the Online study industry develops, many universities have received accreditation for the quality of study and teaching. This is a very important consideration for you. You would definitely feel more at ease during your study when you know that the University is recognised for its teaching standards. So, rest assured that the quality of your education will never be compromised.

5. Flexible enough to allow and enable you to Learn at Your Own Pace. This is a really important consideration. Most programmes come with an indicative duration but with online study, you can take a break if you feel you needed one and pick up again when you feel that you can. You do have a fixed candidacy period for your study but usually, you will be able to complete before that.

Okay, I am ready to study online, what’s next?



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