Is the TEF classification for a University important?

What is TEF?

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is a system that assesses the quality of teaching in universities in England. It also includes some universities from Scotland and Wales.

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To be honest, if I was going to study in a University in the United Kingdom (UK), I would definitely prefer to study in one that has the highest ranking, wouldn’t you? I need to have the confidence of the standards of Teaching in the University. The highest classification is:

There are many concerns about the validity and quality of online study and if it is via distance learning, the level of concerns seems to be even higher. How can we be certain that what we are getting is the best quality? We are physically not present in the University to truly assess the quality of education. So why should be then consider online learning?

The TEF branding gives us that confidence! It assures us that what we are getting have been assessed and audited to be of a certain level. So the quality of teaching in an Online programme that has been awarded a Gold is the same as that for teaching quality of University conducting lessons on campus.

The University of Essex Online has TEF Gold! This means the quality of teaching for all their programmes are of the highest quality and students registered with their programmes will have the confidence that they are getting great value for their investment. This is an important consideration as we are living in a covid-19 world where travel is restricted. Leaving our jobs to study full-time is really NOT AN OPTION. Therefore, pathway to degree which the University of Essex Online provides is fantastic!

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