100% Online MBA with AMBA Accreditation

This 100% online MBA course will help you to develop knowledge, build self-confidence and acquire skills necessary for you to lead within the dynamic environments of the modern business world.

You will take part in interactive Director’s Workshops, which bring industry leaders and outstanding speakers before the entire MBA student population for a week-long engaging experience. This is a unique opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to a variety of commercial scenarios and explore real-world business challenges from different perspectives.

Experiential learning is at the core of this MBA course. The interactive real-time synchronous attendance events deliver a wealth of reflection and learning opportunities for students as they collaborate in groups of different sizes and composition. These real-time interactions allow students to contribute, share and reflect upon experiences and insights drawn from the different industrial, geographical and cultural perspectives represented in the global MBA community.

You will also benefit from your classmates’ expertise and experiences, alongside the course content, with organised in-depth discussion forums. Subject tutors will be available during live seminars and virtual office hours, while the range of assessment techniques allow you to demonstrate your diverse skillset and understanding of the business areas.

Throughout this course, you’ll explore a broad range of topics including:

  • Different leadership styles and their impact on culture and business performance
  • Global flows of resources, ideas, knowledge and people as features of global enterprise
  • Effects that operations have on the sustainability of an organisation
  • International marketing strategy and planning
  • Three critical components of entrepreneurship
  • Accounting and finance techniques and their application in organisations
  • Work team effectiveness and motivation

Your studies culminate in the completion of an MBA Project, a dissertation or a business plan on the business area of your choice, with research that you have conducted yourself.


This course will take about 24 months to complete. The course is made up of the following modules:

  • MBA Project* (50 credits)
  • Director’s Workshop* (10 credits)
  • MBA Synchronous Attendance (0 credits, 120 hours)*
  • Business Planning (10 credits)
  • Business Research (10 credits)
  • Entrepreneurship (10 credits)
  • Business Strategy (10 credits)
  • Marketing in a Global Economy (10 credits)
  • Sustainable Operations (10 credits)
  • International Business Environment (10 credits)
  • People and Organisations (10 credits)
  • Leadership and Business Performance (10 credits)
  • Strategic Online Marketing Management (10 credits)
  • Accounting and Managerial Finance (10 credits)
  • Managerial Economics (10 credits)

*These modules are core and must be passed in order to achieve the award.


Total Tuition fees is approximately SGD$27,350 and you can pay via instalments of about $1,140 per month*.

  • Full payment discount of 10% of the tuition fee if you pay upfront.
  • *Partial scholarship available for international students residing in specific regions outside of the UK. (This will lower the Tuition Fee payable)


The next intakes scheduled are:

  • October 2020 (deadline for application is 25 September 2020)
  • February 2021
  • June 2021


Complete the form below and we will contact you to continue the application process. Application is free and there is no service fee. During the enrolment process, you will need to pay the first instalment to start classes.



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