I need a job…


I need a job…

I have been hearing this from some of the people I have been in contact with and I do feel for them. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many of us and unless you have had some pandemic-proof skillset exposure previously, you would not have been spared the negative effects.

The Singapore Government has put some support mechanisms in place and I urge all who needs it to seek assistance from the various available channels.

You are not alone…

Support for Singaporeans affected by Covid-19

Available Grants, Funds and Packages for Individuals

Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) and Covid-19 Support Grant

We need to work together, support each other and maintain our resilience and determination to overcome the challenges this pandemic brings. There will be sacrifices that need to be made but together we will succeed.

Together we can overcome!

Let’s ALL do our part!


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