5 useful tips on how to prepare well for your G.C.E. O and A Levels.

It is September and you are one to two months away from the most important exam of your life. Many will say that they are not so important but let’s face it, our future depends on us passing them well, especially the G.C.E. O Levels…

How well you do for the G.C.E. O Level examinations will affect how many doors to higher education you can open. This is a sad truth. So if you want to have a wider choice of doors to open, you need to make sure you do well. But, always remember that doors are not the only way in to your dream vocation!

If you are doing the G.C.E. A Levels, you know what you need to do. In order to get into the programme of your choice at the University of your choice, you will need to get a certain set of grades. So for you, your results will kind of affect the university and programme options available to you. But do bear in mind that there are almost 20,000 universities around the world! If you can get into the top 2%, I think you will still do well. Always remember that university rankings are based on many factors but primarily research. Studying in the top university does not guarantee your happiness. You decide on that all by yourself.

What can you do to prepare yourself for the G.C.E. O Levels and G.C.E. A Levels?

If you are not ready by now, you will never be! Now is not the time to cramp in all you can. Now is the time to consolidate what you know and to have a deeper understanding of what you know.

1. Form study groups. Nothing beats education exchange and discourse. When you discuss subjects and topics, you are in fact, consolidating the knowledge you already know and have that added bandwidth to provide other points of view. The breadth of your responses will provide examiners with a positive view of your ability to see all sides and not someone with a tunnel vision.

2. Focus on your stronger topics. You cannot remember every little thing that you were taught in class. You can however, focus on topics you are strong with and do them well. Do up notes or flashcards to remind you on the main points.

3. Eat well. Sometimes when study, you forget to eat. Please make sure you do not neglect your body. It need nutrients to support you in your quest for excellence!

4. Get sufficient rest. Your mind is working on hyper drive at this moment and you need to make sure that you get sufficient rest so that you will not experience a burnout. I recalled when I sat for one of my G.C.E. A Levels paper, my friend 3 tables away started to cry profusely. She had to be taken out of the exam room. She had a breakdown. Stress is real. You need to mitigate it by making sure you get sufficient rest and drinking lots of fluid.

5. Get some exercise. I am not one to exercise but trust me, some exercise is good for you and your body during this period. So spend 30 mins daily on a slow jog and you will be amazed at how better and more energised you feel.

You got this!

You have worked hard for this and you will succeed.

Always remember that the examination is just an opportunity for you to check your level of understanding on the subject matters.

Examinations do not decide how your life turns out.

You decide that.

All the best for your exams and Up Grade and Up Skill Consultancy Services is always here for you if you need any help and guidance.


Your Success is Our Aspiration!


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