6 logical reasons why you should study online!

The world of higher education is getting into a new normal. People across the world, are opting to do their higher education online and via distance learning. Universities are rushing to create the necessary platforms to facilitate this growth and seize a share of this huge potential market which is expected to be worth more than US$319 Billion by 2025.

So why is it logical for you to study online?

1. Lower Tuition Fees

I am not sure if you have noticed the difference in fees if you were to study on campus and if chose to study online. Have you seen it? The info below can be found on the University of the Potomac website.

Maybe when you research for higher education study, you should also check their online degrees and do a price comparison. I believe you will notice that prices will be lower for online study than on campus study. But I am not saying you should rush to do an online degree and ignore the benefits of an on campus education. You need to weigh the options and see which is most suited to your needs and desired outcomes.

2. Flexibility and Freedom to travel

Flexible, yes. Freedom to travel? Why are we even considering this? Online study provides you with a lot of flexibility as there is no physical classroom. You access a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to study and let’s face it, you can access it from practically anywhere in the world! You do need a stable internet connection to ensure a good learning experience. So yes, you have the option to maybe slot in a travel or two and still be able to meet your submission deadlines! Sadly, we can’t travel much now due to the pandemic but the option is there.

3. Learning at your own pace, learning at your comfort

I think one of the greatest plus for online study is the fact that you do not have to attend a pre-scheduled class between say, 6:00pm to 9:00pm at night. Online study means you can access the VLE at any time of the day and at your convenience. Too much comfort is not advisable but you can have that if it suits you. The one thing that you need to be responsible for is to observe the set deadline for your submission of assignments. You cannot delay or you will be slapped with a penalty, and that will definitely affect your marks for that paper. Be independent but be responsible as well.

4. Global classroom, global perspectives

A classroom with classmates from many other parts of the world. Hmm… what benefit would that have right? Come on, you cannot deny the extreme benefits being in a classroom like that would provide you. There will be so many different perspectives, ideas and interesting conversations and sharing! You will learn so much that you cannot absorb them all at that point. Your classmates will become your contacts and having a friend in another country is never a bad thing.

5. Career advancement at work

Let’s face it, we cannot afford to not work, especially during these times. If we were to take a break from work to pursue on campus study, we may not have a job after we graduate. We may of course be able to find something but there is always the possibility that we may not find anything remotely close to what we used to have. Online study enables us to study while we keep working. This is due to the flexible nature of online study. Our bosses may also see our determination and hard work as a positive trait and provide us with more opportunities to hold higher responsibilities.

6. Develop digital skillsets by embracing new learning technologies

This is so crucial for our success in life. As the world develops and new technology is revealed each day, we need to embrace them and leverage on them to ensure our success. Online study enables us to engage intimately with a virtual learning platform that is so advanced but yet personal. We do get guidance from our very skilled e-learning experts, our lecturers. But it is us who must embrace the challenges of overcoming and adapting to them. At the end of it all, when we graduate from our study, we will become digital experts ourselves.


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