Examinations season is here again, a lesson for all of us…

Yes, the examinations have begun and are well on their way. The P.S.L.E., the G.C.E. N Levels, the G.C.E. O Levels, the G.C.E. A Levels have either completed, just started or will be starting soon. We are now in the Examination mode and all parents are on deck to make sure their children are prepared and ready to face the demands of each paper. But, should parents push harder now at this stage of the game, just before the papers or should they ease off and allow their ward to consolidate and digest the tons of information that are already in their minds?

The sad truth is that our future depends on how we perform in the National Examinations. We may not have thought of it as important at the time we took them. But now, as we get a little older, we realise that we could have had more opportunities in life, if we had done better during those examinations, we took so many years ago.


A story to share…

The entrance requirements for many Universities in developed countries have not changed to facilitate the many routes of adult learning. I recently submitted an application for a student to a university in New Zealand. The student did not do the G.C.E. Levels. After the completing the G.C.E. N Level, he went on to the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to do a Certificate programme. But after completing the first year, he felt that this was not what he wanted to do and opted out of the programme. He was really interested in Singapore Police Force so he went to pursue a Diploma in Criminology in a local Private Education Institute (PEI). Three years passed and he graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Psychology and Criminology. He was excited! With this second wind, he wanted to complete a Degree in Criminology and with this Covid-19 situation, he had to make sure that the country was safe enough, he chose New Zealand.

Why New Zealand? Have you been to or have you seen New Zealand? O.M.G! Such a beautiful country. I love this picture…

Not only is New Zealand such a beautiful country, under the leadership of their Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand is one of the most forward thinking and safest countries in the world! I would move there, if I had the opportunity to!

Now back to my story…

He came to speak with us and asked if we could help. He shared that he did not go through the normal education route but he really wanted to do a degree in criminology. He even shared that he would love to study in New Zealand. So we started to look for Universities for him. I was surprised to find that there are not many Universities in New Zealand that offer undergraduate study in Criminology. I checked the Entry Requirement for students from Singapore (G.C.E. A Levels 3 H2s) but I thought as the student had done an Advanced Diploma in the emphasis he wanted to study, the University would give him due consideration or some Accredited Prior Learning. So we submitted applications to 2 Universities on the North Island.

To be continued…


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