Study amidst History, Tradition and warm Hospitality by the Mediterranean Sea

Murcia is located about 45 minutes to the South-Eastern coast of Spain. You get sunshine about 300 days in the year and North Africa is not that far away. In this great location is the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia or also lovingly called, UCAM!

UCAM has its roots in Catholic traditions. UCAM’s mission is To provide students with the knowledge and skills inherent in their profession, to enhance their skills and attitudes as individuals, ensuring the Christian presence in the University, society and culture. This has been the ethos since its founding and will guide how students are engaged in Education.

The University welcomes students of many races and religions from everywhere in the world. There are 16,000 students and 1,000 professors involved in daily exchanges of knowledge and discourse that could potential alter the course of the world’s destiny. UCAM is where you can, not only gain an academic qualification but also forge lifelong friendships and contacts that will help and support your future careers.

Up Grade Up Skill Consultancy Services is proud to partner UCAM in its efforts of sharing accessible and affordable higher education in Murcia, Spain here in Singapore. Students will not only get a world-class Education but also get to live in a warm and friendly city which is rich in history, tradition, hospitality and great food!

For more information on the programmes available at UCAM, please click here. We look forward to supporting you in your quest for higher education in the beautiful City of Murcia, Spain.

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