The GCE O-Level results will be released on…

According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), the GCE O-Level results will be released tentatively between Monday, 11 January and Wednesday, 13 January 2021.

Are you ready for your next step?

You can fast track your journey to University by embarking on a 1-year University Foundation programme!

What are the benefits of a University Foundation?

  1. An alternative and faster route to the University. You will save at least 1 year of study by choosing this pathway.
  2. Small class sizes generally. This enables more contact time with your teachers and lecturers.
  3. You can choose your desired emphasis and not be streamed into a programme because of quota or you did not meet the entry requirement. You choose your own path.
  4. If you choose to study with a focus in Business and Management you can consider 100% online study (which has much lower fees)

Study in Cambridge, England with up to 50% Scholarship!

St. Andrew’s College Cambridge (SACC) offers students with a pathway to the University in the heart of Cambridge, England. No one can deny the benefits of studying in Cambridge. The academic ambience is electrifying and you can’t help but be immersed in academic learning and exploration. You can’t help but be influenced and motivated to reach for academic excellence. To the right candidate, you can receive up to 50% Scholarship off your fees!

You can choose from 12 Foundation programmes at SACC!

  1. Fashion and Textiles
  2. Psychology
  3. Engineering
  4. Humanities
  5. Media, Film & Communication
  6. Law
  7. International Relations
  8. Business
  9. Architecture
  10. Art
  11. Science
  12. Economics

If you can interested to know more about SACC, enquire here:


Be an independent leaner and study 100% Online!

The London Institute of Skills Development (LISD) provides students with an opportunity to complete a University Foundation (GCE A Levels) with a focus in Business and Management at a licensed LISD International Learning Centre (Egypt, Sri Lanka or India), with regular classroom learning with access to LISD Student Portal and highly interactive classroom lectures, discussions, and using other learning material and tools or 100% Online learning through dynamic LISD Student Portal includes, Video lectures, Reading material, PPTs, Case-Studies, Simulations, Quizzes, Assignments, and Tutor 1-2-1 interaction through Skype or Zoom.


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