5 Extremely Affordable Higher Education options for You! On campus or online, that is the question.

I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience when I visited Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon when I was studying in the UK. It was Easter break and all my classmates went back to their hometowns, but for me, home was a 12-hour flight and I was reserving that for the Summer break (and all the local food I can eat!) So I decided to plan a visit to Shakespeare Land instead. Have a look at the video below on what I probably had experienced while I was there. Technology was not as advanced as it was back then.

Stratford-Upon-Avon is but one of so many places in the UK that I visited when I was studying there. The experiences I had and the places I saw will forever be edged in my memory. The friends I made during my study so many years ago are still my friends today. I am truly grateful for the opportunities I was given. I would never have had the experiences I had if I had not gone to study in the UK.

Pandemic disrupter

Covid-19 has changed how we attain our higher education degrees and indeed the way we live our lives. Each day our worries outweigh our joys and concerns outweighs contentment. The ways of attaining a higher education degree had to evolve and evolved it did. There was a shift from fully on-campus to partially on campus or in some cases, fully online.

There are many benefits of 100% Online via Distance Learning study!

  1. Safer option as compared to on-campus due to Covid-19 pandemic
  2. Can be done at own time and not restricted to classroom schedule
  3. Do not need to stop full-time work, thus there will still be an income while you study
  4. Affordable option as compared to on-campus and there is no accommodation expenses incurred
  5. Online study harnesses the use of technology and exposure to this actually helps you to be more future-ready as the world shifts to a more technology-savvy environment
  6. A global classroom with classmates from all over the world (depending on the programme). This provides you with a global perspective.


A balanced choice?

There is another path to consider; blended learning. This option starts you off online and then gives you the option to complete the final year or part of your study on campus in the UK. This option provides you the best of both worlds and at the end of the day is still cheaper than full on campus study.

The London Institute of Skills Development (LISD), together with university partners in the UK have come out with a pathway to enable you to gain your degrees online for the first 2 years of your study and on campus in the UK for the final year or the tail end of your programme. The best part about this arrangement is that you save about two-thirds of the usual tuition fees incurred if you are doing the full 3 years on campus! That is potentially a savings of £30,000! (SGD$54,645.95). Imagine what you can do with that money you saved.


Affordable On-Campus options in Europe

Through a collaboration with Pearson (UK) and the University of Derby (UK), the Domain Academy in Malta is able to provide students with the option of an accredited UK degree at full 3-year tuition fee of about €18,000 (SGD$29,014.48). That’s about SGD$10,000 per year of study or about SGD$830 per month when you divide over the year. I think that is even cheaper than some of our local Universities!

With this option, you not only get an accredited degree from University of Derby (UK), you also have the opportunity to see much of Europe (when travel is permitted, of course) as Malta is part of the European Union (EU).


Become a Dentist in Spain

To be a practicing Dentist, you need to attend a course that qualifies you. Here in Singapore, the list of accepted programmes which qualifies you to be a registered Dentist can be found on the Ministry of Health website here.

But… due to the high demand from students and few places available in the universities, tuition fee for the programme is really high. But if you are really interested to become a Dentist, then consider the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) in Murcia, Spain. The Dentistry programme at UCAM is 5 years in duration and the yearly fees is only SGD$22,800!

For more affordable programmes available at UCAM, please click HERE.


Tap on the Higher Education growth in Poland!

Vincent Pol University (VPU) is a private university, located in Lublin in eastern Poland. It is approved by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees recognized across the European Union, and by extension these are recognized globally.

Educating students in subject areas of Business, Nursing, Beauty Science, Sport Science, Physiotherapy and Tourism and Hospitality, VPU is truly an affordable option for you! Fees start as low as €2,100 (SGD$3,387.09) per year!



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