Studying in Malta (EU)

Malta is a gem in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and mostly would be overlooked by many as a destination for Higher Education. Yes, when you speak of Malta, you would be talking about scenic sights and beautiful, historical and picturesque landscapes like the one below…

Did you know that Malta is home to many institutes of higher learning that provide you with affordable higher education options? Domain Academy is one of the best higher education provider in Malta. Working in partnership with Pearsons and the University of Derby, Domain Academy is able to provide students with affordable pathways to getting an internationally recognised UK degree in the areas of Business and Management, Computer Science and IT, and Tourism and Hospitality Management.

How much savings?

If you were to go directly to the UK to complete your Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Management at the University of Derby, the fees for the 3-year course will be £14,045 per year. That is approximately S$25,827.84 per year. If you total that up for the 3 years of study. You are looking at approximately S$77,483.52. If you complete the same degree in Malta, the total tuition fee for the 3 years of study is ONLY €18,000, which is approximately S$28,548.90. That is a savings of S$48,934.62! With this savings, you can go to the United Kingdom and complete a Master’s degree programme after graduating from your BA (Hons) degree. Now, doesn’t that sound amazing?

What do I need to qualify to study in Malta?

For us to assist you with the application, you need to be Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR). You need to have completed your G.C.E. A Levels, IB Diploma or a Diploma program from any of the local Polytechnics. You would also need to show that you passed English at the G.C.E. O Levels or IGCSE with at least a C grade.

Next intake?

The next intake is April 2022 so if you are looking for an option before September/ October 2022, this is a great one to consider. Malta is now open to International students who are fully vaccinated. So if this is you, get in touch and let’s plan for your studies together.



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