You did not do well for the GCE A-Levels, but there are always pathways you can consider

So you did not do as well as you had hoped…

It’s really okay!

The results does not define who you are (trust me, I know this fact too well) and there are other pathway options which you can consider and will still get you to your Bachelor’s degree and even onwards to your Master’s degree!

Here are some options you can consider…

Do a University Foundation programme

Some of us need that extra step to getting into a University and there is really no shame in it. The additional year will also give you time to prepare yourself for University study which you may not be ready for. Class sizes are generally smaller and therefore, you will get ample time with your lecturers and tutors to make sure you do well and transit successfully into University proper. To be honest, one year passes by really quickly! I am sure you felt this way when you were in your final year at Junior College, Millennia Institute or privately, preparing for the GCE A Levels examinations.

Choose an affordable University

Let’s get real, top-tier universities are not only hard to get in to but are also REALLY EXPENSIVE! At the end of the day, the paper may get you interviews but it does not guarantee you will get the job. Hiring managers considers not only where you studied but also how you are as a person and whether you will fit into the company’s culture and dynamics. Studying in a mid-tier university does not mean you get a lower class education but it definitely gets you an Education which is more affordable. With the extra cash, you will find progressing to do a Master’s degree, definitely not out of your reach.

Here are 3 affordable University options in Europe for you to consider:

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain)

Programmes available:

  1. Dentistry
  2. Business Administration
  3. Psychology
  4. Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (Really popular!)
  5. Veterinary Medicine
  6. Modern Languages

Vincent Pol University (Poland)

Programmes available:

  1. International Business Management
  2. Tourism and Hospitality Management
  3. Physiotherapy (Direct Masters – 5 years)
  4. Beauty Science
  5. Nursing
  6. Midwifery
  7. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Budapest Metropolitan Univesity (Hungary)

Programmes available:

  1. Business Administration and Management
  2. Commerce and Marketing
  3. Communication and Media Studies
  4. Tourism and Catering
  5. Animation
  6. Film and Media Studies
  7. Graphic Design
  8. International Relations

Study online via distance learning

This option has received the spotlight when Covid-19 restricted travel. Many students and their families opted for an online rather than on campus or online first and then on campus (Blended) option. The reasons are many:

  1. Safer option as lessons are conducted online or via e-learning
  2. Lower tuition fees overall (Regional offers and Instalment plan is available)
  3. No accommodations costs
  4. No out-of-pocket daily expenses
  5. You can work full-time and dedicate 15 hours per week to study

Arden University (UK)

Arden University has a proud heritage in providing flexible and accessible higher education. We’ve grown and evolved from our beginnings in 1990 as the chosen online learning partner for universities across Britain, to offer a new kind of learning experience, providing both online and blended learning degree courses that meet the changing needs of modern life. Today, we offer more than 90 career-focused qualifications, many of which are accredited by leading professional bodies such as the British Psychological Society, the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation, the Association for Project Management, and many others. 

We strive to do things differently, and believe in doing things better. We recognise that higher education providers must proactively respond to the current and future needs, trends, and expectations of employers, as well as a global evolving economy, to create a better world for everyone. With study centres across the UK in Manchester, Birmingham, London, and Leeds, as well as in Berlin, Germany, we offer our students the chance to gain life-changing degree qualifications no matter their background or personal circumstances.

As active champions of equality, diversity, and inclusion, we believe that higher education is a force for both social and economic change. Through bringing the power of technology together with the potential of a university education, we are revolutionising the traditional university model to remove unnecessary barriers to learning.



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