About Us

Welcome to Up Grade Up Skill

The company was formed to support students who were looking to upgrade and upskill. This group of individuals were looking for courses online and on campus that could meet and fulfill their aspirations of earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. Through this need and present opportunities, global partnerships were sought and forged to meet this demand.

We also serve the Lifelong Learning needs of Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. We facilitate and coordinate recruitment for local Private Education Institutes conducting Diploma programmes and WSQ courses in areas of Human Resource Management, Psychology and Counselling.

We also collaborate with Adjunct Trainers and Lecturers by providing Management support in Marketing and Facilitation of their standalone courses.

Our Vision

To be the Preferred Choice in Personalised and Collaborative Partner in Higher Education and Adult Lifelong Learning

Our Missions

1. We provide consultative advice and guidance services to students seeking Higher Education opportunities via 100% Online learning and On-Campus learning, globally.

2. We facilitate International Partnerships between Higher Education Institutes globally.

3. We facilitate Adult Lifelong Learning for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of Human Resource Management, Psychology and Counselling.

Company. Reg. No.: 53418288K