So you want to be a Dentist?

Let’s face it, studying to be a Dentist is not cheap and if you want to practice in Singapore, you will need to study with a select group of Dental Schools in the list of recognised Foreign Dental Schools by the Singapore Dental Council (SDC) in countries like the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA), Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. You can find the list here.

But if you really want to be a Dentist but you can’t afford the fees at the Universities in the SDC list, where can you go? Where can you go to study to be a Dentist at affordable fees? Where can you go to study that has State-of-the-Art Dental equipment to work with? Where can you go that will provide you with opportunities to live your dream of being a Dentist?


Some comparisons

The Bachelor in Dentistry at UCAM will take 5 years to complete at 14,100 euro per year. The total fees for the 5 years is 70,500 euros. That is approximately S$112,325.23 (MYR342,138.57)! That’s the fees to study for the Bachelor in Dentistry at UCAM over 5 years.

Now compare that with, say Dentistry at the University of Sydney in Australia. The indicative fees for Year 1 for International Students is… A$82,000. That’s approximately S$80,307.31. That’s only for the first year of study.

Let’s look at the Dentistry at the University of Birmingham in the UK… £23,400 (S$41,864.00) for Year 1 and then for Years 2 to 5 at £42,000 per year (total of £168,000 for 4 years). That’s about S$300,562.08 for 4 years. The total for 5 years of Dentistry study at the University of Birmingham is approximately S$342,426.08. That’s not including living expenses. How many of us can actually afford that without getting some sort of scholarship?

I am interested…

To find out more about the Bachelor in Dentistry at UCAM and how you can enrol, fill up the contact form below and we will arrange a complimentary no-obligation consultation with you either via Face-to-Face meeting or via Zoom to support your aspiration of becoming a Dentist.

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