Completing your Diploma in HR (Full-time or Part-time)

Learning support for you

The Human Resource Department (HR) is the Heart Beat in any organisation. HR manages the Recruitment Process from initial interview to hiring. HR manages the Orientation of new hires and ensure that they are familiar with all necessary administrative requirements. HR manages Employee Benefits from payroll, leave applications and medical claims. HR is lead when Managing Crisis the company is involved in. In the end, HR prepares and manages the Termination process. These roles are just a small part of what someone in HR really does…


  1. Align Human Resource Services with Business Needs
  2. Develop Career Pathing Framework
  3. Implement Manpower Planning Processes
  4. Manage Budgets and Finances
  5. Implement International Compensation Programme
  6. Conduct Interviews and Make Hiring Decisions
  7. Implement Strategies to Employ, Retain and Re-employ Older Employees
  8. Measure Human Resource Functional Effectiveness
  9. Develop and Implement In-house Competency Framework
  10. Implement Performance Management Programme
  11. Build People Management Capabilities
  12. Resolve Grievances and Disputes
  13. Implement Talent Management Programmes


HR calls for a select group of individuals to be part of it. You need to be someone who excels in the following areas:

  1. Keen sense of Ethics
  2. Effective Communication skills
  3. Problem Solving Skills
  4. Expertise in policies affecting the Industry
  5. Strong Leadership abilities


The Beauty of Knowledge is that it can be gained. You can learn it and you can be the expert in what you do with years of work experience. You are the one who decides.

Age is always on our minds when we consider starting on this journey. Affordability is the other consideration. In support of Lifelong Learning, our Government has allocated funding to help us attain and gain new knowledge to enable us to learn new skills that can support our efforts. You can tap on this support to upgrade yourself.


Let’s connect and let me partner you in your upgrading efforts! Fill up the following and I will get in touch for a discussion. You decide what works for you.


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