Journey to University continued…

The 2 Universities took some time to reply and when I got their response, suffice to say that it did not go our way. The reason cited by one of them was that the student did not meet the university’s entrance requirements and the other also added the the college where the student had completed the Advanced Diploma is not recognised. I did share with the 2 Universities that the College where the student had studied, is registered with the Committee of Private Education (CPE), the government authority managing all Schools in the Private Education landscape here in Singapore. In order for the schools to receive a license to operate, it must meet stringent requirements and pass a tough audit.

The Universities advised me to tell the student that he should sign up for the Certificate in Foundation Studies with their Pathway Partner. Upon completion of the programme and attaining the required scores, my student will have a guaranteed place in his Bachelor degree programme of choice at the University.

When I checked the entry requirement for the Pathway programme, I realised that the student would need to have done study of Year 11 or 12 equivalent for Singapore. That would be like… the G.C.E. A Levels? But there was another line that said.. or agreed equivalent. If you recalled, my student did not go through the normal route; no G.C.E. O Levels and no G.C.E. A Levels. He went through another route leading to the emphasis he really wanted to do – Criminology.

Can I suggest the CPE connect with their counterparts in UK, Australia, NZ, USA and Canada and draft out an agreement to detail education level equivalence (Standard and Non-Standard) so that our students can be given due consideration when they apply to study at Universities in those countries.

I spoke with my student and we decided to submit the application for the Certificate of Foundation Studies.

Let’s see what the outcome will be.

To be continued,,,


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