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General Information

Student Profile for Dentistry

Students interested in joining the Degree of Dentistry at UCAM Catholic University of Murcia must demonstrate skills in basic sciences, such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and manual dexterity with a developed power of observation, care and analysis. Also, they should express interest in the problems of oral and general health of human beings and be willing to help, showing a clear commitment to service.

They must also have good study habits, organization, and the ability to act in emergency situations, ability to work in teams, both through clinical events and projects for Dental Research; Skills to establish interaction, listening and understanding with the patient and have the ability to adapt to changes, especially in new techniques used in dental practice.

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Entry Requirement

G.C.E. A Levels (ABB or better) including Biology, Chemistry and Physics | Diploma in Biomedical Sciences (GPA 3.2 or better) from the Polytechnic | International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma (Higher level Sciences, overall 32 or better)

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